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You have entered the city of Golden Lights, the Garden of Eden, the most Romantic Trip you will ever take. Here you can design your Dreams and write your Passions. We spare no expense to give you what you want and need. Personal or Professional, we can create it together.

Do you like to write poetry? Would you like to make your poetry come alive? Check out our poetry page and see what we could do for your words. Do you like to display your photography? Well, we can make that happen too. Check out our photography page.

About the Designer

The decision to use a Web Designer is much more than just a passive one, it is a personal experience. The combination of your ideas, together with your art, photographs and our experience, we can create a brilliant site that you will love to show your friends, family, co-workers and make the boss proud. ByDW Designs has been creating custom websites and graphics for over 30 years. To view our portfolio, visit ByDW Web Designs.

About our State

From the rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains to the white sands of the Gulf Coast, Alabama welcomes you with rich history, natural beauty and warm smiles. Alabama is home to many unexpected treasures. From top to bottom, floral delights can be found at a host of botanical gardens. Classic homes, including one by Frank Lloyd Wright, transport you to another time. World-class fishing is abundant along Alabama's waterways. Locations along the Gulf Coast are ideal for birding. Stories of Native Americans, the Civil War and the struggle for Civil Rights are awaiting to be heard. Alabama is all of this and so much more.

The Book Store

BrookHaven by JC Eggleton

The Alabama Nurse

Body Systems
Our Children
Flavonoids, are they in your diet?
Solving The Riddle Of Heart Failure
Administering Aminoglycosides Is once a day enough?
Finger-stick tips for diabetic patients
Wet Brain
Alabama Board Of Nursing
Florida Acute Detox Facility
USDA sponsored food choices

The Student

The Student

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